Sunday, 9 September 2012

The Folk Story

3rdEntry: The Folk Story

Hey there…it’s my other entry again…

For this time, I want to share with everyone about my interest. I like to hear and tell folk stories with Ekwefi, my mother. One night, we sat on a mat on the floor and it was Ekwefi’s turn to tell story. I admit that I am a bit impatient when listening to stories. I often question Ekwefi before she could finish her words. However, she never angry whenever I ask her question. This is because she is a patient and loving person and I am very lucky to have her as my mother.

That night, Ekwefi tells story about ‘A tortoise and a group of birds’ The tortoise was bad and greedy. It likes to take advantages on the birds. But, in the end the tortoise had to pay back for all the things that he had done.
I really enjoyed the story although there was no song in it. Despite that, the story have many moral values such as we should not treat other people badly because they will also treat you the same way. After Ekwefi had finished her story, then it was my turn to tell another folk story.

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